moment of truth by eve mero


Moment of Truth, 2017

Acrylic, oil, three-color screenprint, pochoir
40 " x 30"

the body is in the mind

The Body is in the Mind is a mixed media series combining paintings in acrylic and oil with silkscreen and pochoir from laser cut stencils and a linocut.

Through color, movement and form, I seek to bring to consciousness the awareness of the fullness of life where the visceral and cerebral are joined in a heightened perception that is the visual equivalent of musical counterpoint.

My development as an artist is a continuation of my early years as musician and my interest in the interrelationship of all the expressive arts. In my college years, I experimented with the translation of poetry and speech to music. Later in life, I translated music to stripes on paper and eventually rhythms became patterns of colored inlaid wood veneer on cabinetry, and subsequently emerged in projects as multi-colored granite walls in swimming pools, bathrooms and barbecues. My study and practice of architectural and interior design evolved into the studio arts.

This particular series germinated from an experience years ago when I was studying as a piano major and had the thrill of hearing the musical explosion of two grand pianos belting out competing compositions when two practice room doors were flung open. They happened to harmonize and conflict in weird and wonderful ways, drawing an audience from all corners of the practice hall.

Through pitting the loose gestures of a colorist's abstract expressionism against primitive, yet highly thought out linear forms developed in Illustrator, I am hoping to achieve a visual contrapuntalism that activates a pleasurable awareness of the intangible in an inner space where careful thoughts and welling emotions converge. I feel Matisse looking over my shoulder when I seek the most telling and simplified line. My art never views the world through a camera, but through a self where mind and body are one.