Ojai Project - Residence

A classical modern structure is subverted by the detailing. Unbridled expressiveness and cool control play out a counterpoint that is the equivalent of music. Meanwhile, another drama is playing out, one of exposure versus protection. The mountaintop setting with panoramic views provide the backdrop.

Tragedy struck and the building started self-destructing at 99% completion, but the structure created a wildly beautiful space that will not be forgotten.

Now that the structure has gone back to the realm of ideas, it can be judged for what it is and what it was intended to be - a work of art. Prophetically, the space was envisioned as an archaeological site people would discover and enjoy.

Extensive quick-loading photo tour and discussion.

Camarillo Project - Office Space

This seminal work, which laid the foundation for the Ojai project, develops the concept of architecture as an archaeological ruin embedded with content. In this case, the community of Camarillo is celebrated with photos and William Blake's poem, Ah! Sunflower, is set to a tune by the Fugs and translated into visual music.

A full explanation and mini-tour are offered.

Oxnard Project - Surgery Office

Tranquility and refinement are designed into a space to ease the worries of patients undergoing surgery. Multiple pieces of conflicting equipment from numerous offices were coordinated. A complex color scheme and cabinetry detail was employed to link everything together and bring harmony to the space.

Ventura Project - Residence

An old kitchen was gutted and replaced with a new one. A modern sensibility lightens the feel of traditional styling. The sky is brought into the interior by the use of a generous amount of glazing and reflective surfaces. A small, beautiful kitchen.

Photo and explanation